About Us

I have been a government employee for RI and now SC for over 25 years combined, however my passion lays in working with my hands in the form of design and construction.

One of my long time interests has been piece work with fabrics. So many quilts over the years. So much fabric stashed away over the years. More than anyone person really needs. Or so I thought. 

The construction bug bit me harder sewing slid to the back of my mind and I have worked on numerous homes from my own, to rental properties where I got my husband involved, to friends and family. For our date my husband Harald and I we drove from RI to SC with a vehicle full of tools and a cute little dog and rehabbed a foreclosure property I had bought preparing it for rent. Once we quit winter and relocated to SC we rehabbed our own home we bought. Next we began to manage another property, owned by one of my brothers. That is where the concept of LHF Interiors was born but never grew up. 

We have just gone a little crazy since then. 4 houses and 2 condos top to bottom. 2 were new builds that weren’t exactly what we wanted and could not get from the cookie cutter builder. 

We have gone on by word of mouth referral to help people tile their kitchens and such. It is brutal on the old body or I would do it all day every day. 

Then it was 2020….

I didn't find the disposable masks comfortable, so I designed a pattern that worked for me and my husband. I then shared the masks with friends and family that are Essential Workers who couldn't get their hands on PPE. They found it quite comfortable. 

While they were out and about they were constantly being asked about their beautiful and fun masks. From Columbia, SC to Boston, MA to a beautiful old city in Bavaria, Germany. 

One of my brothers, the one whose property we used to manage, had someone have him contact me and asked to have a couple of masks made and shipped up to her. Word got out and LHF morphed to LHF Designs. We still will help a friend do their kitchen but if we are going to do our part and wear a mask why not make it “yours”.

I found a niche!

Yes, almost everyone with a sewing machine is trying to make a mask and some sell them. Some come with instructions not to wash! What! That is the purpose of the non-medical grade cloth mask. Wash and wear. Keep it clean while keeping the streets and parking lots clean. But who else is offering you hundreds of fabric options to customize your mask inside and out?